Welcome to The Grand Thing XII

An event inspired by Norse and Irish traditions of the Viking Age.

May 26 to 29, 2017 Memorial Day weekend

Clatsop County Fairgrounds
Astoria, Oregon

The Grand Thing XII

May 26 to 29, 2017

The Barony of Stromgard invites you to the twelfth annual Grand Thing! This event focuses on Norse and Irish traditions of the Viking Age, though all cultures and interests are welcome. We offer something for everyone:

Armored combat - Witness combatants engaging in both one-on-one and war fighting
• A grand Arts and Sciences Village - Learn about and participate in everyday living as it might have been 1,000 years ago in Scandinavia, such as metal forging, fabric weaving and other textile arts, shoe making, cooking, and more
Rapier combat - An ancient form of modern day fencing, combatants will test their metal in one-on-one competition as well as a team melee
Archery and thrown weapons - Come and try your hand at throwing knives and axes, watch expert shooters using traditional bows as our ancestors would have done
Equestrian combat and competitions - Witness skilled riders vie to become the next champion
Games - Visit the gaming area and learn how to play the games of our forefathers and mothers
Merchants - A range of artisans will be on hand offering authentic Viking Age goods and other fun trinkets
Families and children - Hosted medieval children’s games and activities will be offered each afternoon.
The “Grand Thing” will take place Saturday evening after the feast – Based on the period Norse tradition when the community would come together to settle issues of law. All are welcome to come witness the review of previous laws and see a new law accepted.
Norse culture night - Following the Grand Thing, stories, poems, and other traditional Viking entertainment will occur. Bring snacks and presentations to share with friends, old and new

Thank you, The Barony of Stromgard, Society for Creative Anachronism Click HERE to go to the An Tir Kingdom Events Page.

Registration Information

Public is invited to attend on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm, with most activities and demonstrations occurring at that time. Site opens 10 am for merchants and 12 pm for the populace on Friday and closes at 1 pm on Monday.

Site Fees
Full weekend $25.00* Single day $15.00*
Children ages 17 and under are FREE!
*$5.00 discount for adult SCA members applies to full weekend and single day. Cash or checks only at the gate. Make checks payable to Barony of Stromgard – SCA, Inc.

Newcomers Information Table and Loaner Clothing
(Gold Key)
New to Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) events and want to borrow clothing for the event? Or just want to learn more about the SCA? Come visit the Newcomers Information Table located near the event entrance to talk with our friendly volunteers, browse our information library, pick-up handouts, or borrow period clothing to wear during your visit. Until then, learn more by visiting these websites: • SCA Newcomers web page: http://welcome.sca.org/ • “Welcome Home,” a short You Tube video that shows you why thousands of us participate in the SCA world wide: New Member’s Guide to the SCA(pdf): • Barony of Stromgard

Equestrian Registration
Check back for updates. Equestrian activities will occur in a groomed covered arena. Contact: Susan deWinter at Susanhazlewood4(at)gmail(dot)com with questions.
Hotel 1066
Reserve a one of 50 12’ x 12’ stalls in the horse barn to "camp without a tent." The stalls are clean, just lay down a tarp and some carpets and you are all set. Even if it rains you will not have to pack down a wet tent. Proceeds will be used to support the baronial travel fund. Cost: $20 each.
Contact Hotel 1066 Manager Baron Ivon Drengr (Gerald Barber) to reserve your room.
Email: gebarber2001(at)yahoo(dot)com Phone: 360-253-2350
Large group and RV Registrations:
Contact Land Master: HL James Sayer (James Spiering) Email: jamessayer333(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: 503-201-9274 Please, no calls after 9pm
Merchant Registration:
Merchant registration fee is the donation of an item to the prize chest with a value of at least $20. Merchants will be located inside the covered arena in the main building or as part of The Grand Viking Village if your booth and wares are largely authentic. Contact Merchant Coordinator Bud Clark Email: harlenclark64(at)gmail(dot)com to register and reserve your space.

Site Information

Site Address: Clatsop County Fairgrounds, 92937 Walluski Loop, Astoria, OR 97103
Amenities: Site has water, electricity, permanent bathrooms, large tracts of land for camping, and RV hook-ups. The site is minutes away from downtown Astoria and many amenities including grocery stores, hotels, gas stations, liquor stores, and hardware stores.

Directions and Maps:
Clatsop County Fair & Expo Center, 92937 Walluski Loop, Astoria, OR 97103 (click for a Google Map) We highly recommend that you take a look at a map before you begin your trip to Astoria. Be aware that Google Maps will give you the option to turn onto 16th Ave., which will take you onto Williamsport Rd. that has very steep hills and sharp turns. We do not recommend this route for anyone towing a trailer.

From the South or North on I-5 – Take exit 36, WA-432 W. Keep left, follow signs for WA-432W/WA-4 W/Longview/Long Beach. Take 3rd Ave/WA-411 exit toward Industrial Area/Port of Longview. Turn left onto WA-411 S/3rd Ave. Turn left onto Oregon Way. Continue straight onto WA-433 S/Oregon Way. Turn right onto the US-30 W ramp to Clatskanie/Astoria. When you arrive in Astoria, continue onto Marine Drive, take the second turn out of the roundabout onto W. Marine Dr/SR 202/Hwy 101/Nehalem Hwy, continue onto Olney Ave/SR 202, and continue onto Front Street, then turn left onto Walluski Loop.Safe travels everyone!

Event Staff

Event Steward: Domina Attia Prima (Amanda Grayson). Mandy.grayson(at)gmail(dot)com
Large group land and RV reservations: HL James Sayer (James Spiering) jamessayer333(at)gmail(dot)com or 503-201-9274 Please, no calls after 9pm
A Grand Viking Village (Arts and Sciences): Meistara Reginleif in harfagra (Karyn Criswell), kcriswell(at)dsl-only(dot)net
Merchant registration: Bud Clark, harlenclark64(at)gmail(dot)com
Heaving armored combat: Sir Kjartan (Matthew Widolf), sirkjartan(at)yahoo(dot)com
Archery and thrown weapons: Refskegg of House Bread (Jed Heimkes), refskegg(at)protonmail(dot)com
Rapier: Crystobel Dagger (Kat Meeke), Bladekat(at)gmail(dot)com
Equestrian: Susan deWinter, Susanhazlewood4(at)gmail(dot)comYouth and Children: TBD

Viking Artisan's Village

Stroll through The Grand Viking Village and be transported back in time to the year 1000 AD to a time when artisans and merchants gathered to create and offer their wares for sale or trade. Our Village will feature Viking Age re-enactors demonstrating everyday activities that might have been seen in a trade village in Scandinavia during the Viking Age. From approximately 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, artisans will be demonstrating their crafts, including a wide range of activities, such as:

Metal forging to create useful objects such as knives and tools
Wood working to create objects such as spoons, platters, and rowing benches
Leather working to create turn-shoes, belts, and pouches
Food production, such as grinding of grains, making cheese, and cooking over fire
Textile production, including spinning fiber into yarn; using yarn to nalbind socks, hats, and mittens, using an ancient single loop knitting technique; tablet weaving using small cards with holes in them to make decorative bands for trimming clothing; and fabric weaving using a warp-weighted loom
Lampwork glass bead making to create colorful glass beads for necklaces and festoons that were strung between the brooches on women’s dresses
Lost-wax casting, a Viking Age technique that resulted in the creation of intricate jewelry of bronze, silver and gold
Possaments, a technique that involves wrapping flattened wire around a silk core and then using the wires to form intricate figures that were then appliqued to textiles for decoration

Check back with this space as demonstrations will continue to be added as the event draws near. Classes and scheduled talks will occur throughout the day. Check the event schedule for details.


Check back for updates as the event approaches.

Schedule & Activities

Heavy Armored Combat
Archery and thrown weapons
Grand Viking Village (Arts and Sciences)

Youth and children, and teens

Schedule is tentative and subject to change, Watch this space for updates as the event gets closer.

10:00 AM – Gate opens for merchants
12:00 PM – Gate opens for SCA populace
8:00 PM – Teen Social in main hall (2 hrs)

8:00 AM – Gate opens for SCA populace
10:00 – Gate opens for public visitors
Opening Baronial Court
10:30 – Heavy armor inspection, followed by melee fighting and finally a Multi-weapons tournament in the afternoon following melee fighting
StormRider Tournament - Outside covered arena
Archery and thrown weapons – Range open for practice and scoring
11:00 Rapier armor inspection, followed by round robin tournament
12:30-3:30 Family and Children’s hosted activities (main hall)
1:00 – Children’s horse swing opens outdoors
3:00 – Games -- Sheaf toss for all ages outdoors
Archery and Thrown Weapons –Newcomer’s Tournament
4:00 – Staff begins feast set up (please bring your contributions to the feast hall at this time)
5:00 – Event closes for the day for public visitors
Feast Hall opens for populace to set up
5:30 – Potluck Feast begins
7:00 -- Baronial Court
9:00 – Grand Thing law giving ceremony, followed by Norse Culture Night

8:00 AM – Gate opens to SCA populace
10:00 – Gate opens to public visitors
Archery and thrown weapons – Range open for practice and royal rounds
10:30 – Heavy armor combat inspection, followed by melee fighting and finally the Memorial Axe Tournament
11:00 Rapier inspection, followed by pick-up fighting and fencing practice
12:30-3:30 Family and Children’s hosted activities in the feast hall or outdoors, weather permitting
4:00 – Baronial Prize Court
6:00 -- Sunday Shredded Pig and Potluck
7:00 – Cut the Braid contest
10:00-- Spear the Beer (Location to be announced) Monday 1:00 pm site closed. Thanks for a great event

Heavy Armored Combat
This year the Grand Thing goes to war!Saturday starting at 10 am the day’s fighting activities will be centered around melee scenarios culminating in an epic monastery raid featuring a winner takes all fortress assault.
Late afternoon a multi weapons tourney will take place. Multiple weapon styles will be required each round, ensuring that no two fights will be the same. Bring your arsenal, trust in the luck of the draw, and maybe face an old foe with a new weapon.Sunday will feature more melee fighting, the Memorial Great Axe tourney, and a few other surprises as well.

11 am round robin tourney after armor inspection.
Break for lunch
1 pm small team melee or 2nd tourney depending on interest.Sunday
11 am pick-up fighting at the eric and fencing practice.
Some loaner gear available and basic instruction offered.

Archery and thrown weapons
Following opening court, at approximately 10:30 pm the range opens for archery and thrown weapons practice and scoring. A limited amount of bows, knives, axes and spears are available for newcomers to try their hand with hands-on instruction.
3:00 p.m. Newcomers Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournament Can't hit the broadside of a barn? Lady Kata of House Bread will put that to the test. Brand new people or those who are too scared to throw around man nor beast are welcome to this novelty newcomer’s archery and throwing shoot. Sunday 10:00 Range opens for archery and thrown weapons practice and scoring.


Youth & Children

More information on the requirements & forms for minors will be posted soon.
Check back for updates

In the interest of keeping the children of An Tir safe and allowing them to enjoy SCA events, its necessary to have rules in place regarding youth at events. Parents or Guardians who bring minors to an event must ensure their children’s actions are compliant with SCA Laws, Policies, and site rules that require minors 12 and under to be within sight/sound of a responsible parent/guardian at all times.


We are pleased to welcome the following vendors to the Grand Thing.

Bronzehammer by Torfin
Drifa’s Trim Box
Grendal Red Troll Forge
Nordic Trader (or www.etsy.com/shop/NordicTrader)